How To Dress Up Like A Ghost

October 28, 2015

Get inspired this Halloween and dress up like the ghost from Weirdwood Manor. Here’s how to in 8 easy steps.

The ghost haunting Weirdwood Manor is no ordinary ghost. He’s a child ghost, one of the most frightening kinds of ghosts you can meet.

Oliver (the hero of our story) first meets him in Book 2, Chapter 5 as he is wandering one of the halls of Weirdwood Manor — alone.

While looking at an old photo by candlelight, Oliver somehow manages to awaken the ghost — a young boy, who is wearing an old fashioned suit, a newsboy cap and large, mechanical cuffs around both his hands. The ghost issues a warning “…iinn daangerr! Bewwarre Arthurr… thieff… murrderrer… jailerr…” before disappearing.


To make the Weirdwood Manor ghost costume, you’ll need:

  • Old-fashioned dress or suit
  • Newsboy or “poor boy” cap
  • A white shirt
  • A plain ‘skinny’ tie
  • Cuff bracelets
  • Shoes
  • Make-up
  • Baby powder

1. Find or purchase an an old dress or suit. The colour should be dark blue, faded blue or grey and it should look as old fashioned as possible.

2. If you’re wearing a suit, you’ll also need an old white shirt and a plain ‘skinny’ tie, loosely tied.

3. For girls, you may want to use floaty fabrics, especially tulle/gauze/lace/cheesecloth/woven fabrics. Meshes are a good idea because they are thin and have a bit of transparency which adds to the ghostly look. Try not to have neat seams on the edges of these fabrics — maybe unravel them a bit — to give a more mysterious look. Shredded fabric and fabric strips hanging off the costume also look effective.

4. Make a pair of mechanical cuffs out of recycled plastic bottles or cardboard tubes. To give your cuffs an old, metallic feel use metallic spray paint or brush-applied metallic craft paint. Spray your cuffs and let dry. Then using a sponge, make-up sponge or bunched up cheesecloth, gently dab a mixture of dark green and black craft paint over the surface.

5. Add a pair of old-fashioned shoes.

6. 1 hour before you go trick-or treating, put on your make-up: dark eyeshadow underneath your eyes, baby powder all over your face, eyeliner and pale lipstick so you look ghostly. Check Pinterest for lots of ghostly make-up ideas.

7. Keep your hair messy and add a newsboy (or poor boy cap).

8. Just before you leave put baby powder over your clothes for the dusted look.

For more ghostly homemade costume ideas, visit HubPages.

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