Book 3 Launches November 19th in the App Store

November 18, 2015

A door opens to a new adventure as the latest instalment in “The Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor” arrives in the App Store this Thursday, November 19th.  Pre-order Book 3 now or buy it as a bundle with Book 4, 5 and 6 for $9.99 USD / $11.99 CDN — a 35% discount!

“Beyond the Dhor” (otherwise know as Book 3)  finds our hero, Oliver Gryffon, reunited with his friends Celia and Eugene after a frightening encounter with a young ghost and a warning of danger ahead.

With the trio back together again, Arthur reveals to the children that they were chosen to visit the mysterious Weirdwood Manor, not for their talents but for their unique ‘gifts.’

Arthur offers to answer all of their questions about their unique abilities — but only if they can complete a challenge and find their way into his library.

Together, the children must work to unlock a most unusual door behind which lies the explanation for their gifts — and the strange world of Arthur Weirdwood.


“Beyond the Dhor” is the third book in the five book series.

“Dangerous Drawings” and “The Master’s Three” (Books 1 and 2) were released in early October. Book 4 is scheduled to launch in January 2016 followed by Book 5 in March 2016.

Readers of “Beyond the Dhor” can look forward to over 90 minutes of story and games, including three riddles that must be solved in order to unlock the door to Arthur Weirdwood’s library.

New characters include Dhor Manchewar, the goblin gatekeeper of the library.

Oliver, Celia and Eugene must pass a series of challenges before they are able to pass through Dhor’s mouth and enter the library.

We should also mention that he has teeth!


Books 1 and 2 of Weirdwood Manor are available from the App Store at a price of $3.99 US / $5.49 CDN. Books 3, 4, 5 and 6 are each $3.99 US / $5.49 CDN or can be bundled for $9.99 USD / $$13.99 CDN (a 35% discount).

Pre-order Book 3 now and it will be available as an in-app purchase when it drops on November 19th.


Weirdwood Manor is rated 4.5 stars in the App Store.

Here’s what several of the top app review sites have to say about Weirdwood Manor:

“If your kids are “Harry Potter” and “The Golden Compass” fans, they are going to love this app! Filled with fantasy creatures, a robotic butler, creative gadgets, magic and mysteries, kids won’t want to put this book app down. “— Tech With Kids

“An original book-app series that will stir the readers’ imagination… great production values that you wouldn’t want to miss.” — Geeks With Juniors

“Exciting kids book this good is a rare treat!” — Sweet Kids Apps

“Weirdwood Manor is wonderful, not just weird… there’s lots to explore, and it has a charm all its own..” — AppsPlayground

“A digital book to place on the shelf.” — Educational Apps Store