Weirdwood Manor Book 4 Now Available From The App Store

January 29, 2016

The fourth instalment in the WEIRDWOOD MANOR book series is now available in the App Store, and it’s a fantastic read with over 90 minutes of story and games, new locations and characters, and more secrets to be discovered and challenges completed. Visit the App Store for country pricing and to download.

“Maze of Words” finds Oliver, Celia and Eugene lost in an enormous maze of books. They’ve arrived there after a dark and slippery ride down the digestive track of Dhor Manchewar, the goblin gatekeeper of the library.

After delivering the children, Dhor leaves them with directions to the Reading Room where they can expect to find Arthur.

Following Dhor’s somewhat cryptic direction, Oliver, Celia and Eugene set out through the formidable labyrinth of towering bookshelves.


But a wrong turn takes them into a forbidden place where worn bookshelves sag under the weight of tattered books, and a thick fog swirls and eddies through the corridors.

From among the swirling shadows, the children hear a small, weak voice coming from under a large section of bookcase which has fallen into the corridor.


Oliver follows the voice down the blocked passageway, and with the help of Eugene and Oliver pulls a small creature from beneath the small mountain of books. Just as the creature breaks free, a huge bookcase crashes down, shaking the ground and causing books, papers, and dust to rain down from the giant shelves surrounding them.


The unusual creature reveals himself to be Felix Dandy MacBurbit, a resident of Burbittown.

Felix, as it turns out, has a few tricks up his sleeve. With their new found friend in the lead, the children enter a cavern‐like section of the library — and a way out of the maze which will take them to the Reading Room and Arthur.


Purchase WEIRDWOOD MANOR Book 4 now for $3.99 US / $5.49 CDN or as part of a bundle, which includes Books 3, 4, 5 and 6. For a limited time only, you can buy the bundle at a 35% discount for $9.99 USD / $13.99 CDN. Visit the App Store for additional country pricing and to download.

WEIRDWOOD MANOR an award-winning app / book series for kids ages 6 – 12 years. It was selected as a runner-up for “App of the Year” in the 2015 Canadian edition of Apple’s annual Best of App Store list – a collection of the best apps and games released on the App Store over the past 12 months. Available now for the iPad.