The iPad App

A stunning adventure, the Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor is unique interactive experience… the future of digital storytelling. It’s part book, part game, and part animated film, brought together on the iPad. This is much more than a regular eBook — we call it a ‘Living Novel’.



From pencil sketches to fully rendered 3D models, no details were spared.

Weirdwood Manor seamlessly melds 3D characters and objects with meticulous matte-painted finishes to create environments so rich, the magic is almost palpable.


Strange things happen around Oliver Gryffon. Scary things.

Follow our hero Oliver and his friends, Celia and Eugene, as they uncover a dark and deadly secret that has been haunting the gloomy hallways of Weirdwood Manor for decades.


Advance the story by completing games and puzzles as you go.

Help Oliver solve the mystery of Weirdwood Manor.  The games, puzzles and riddles in the app are tightly integrated into the story, allow the reader to unlock hidden content.


Discover Weirdwood lore, hidden on each page.

Learn more about Weirdwood Manor and the Land of Fey by discovering beautiful sketches and artifacts hidden throughout the story and revealed by tapping in secret places and sequences.